Why Pink

It encourages a sense of confidence, passion and feminity. Pinks are said to have the power to increase one’s blood pressure and pulse rate as well as motivate action and fuel creative thought.

Why Stig

It is a symbol for sport professionals who aspire to be the best – it is the pun on the word ‘driver’ as the club is a driver. We believe drive is essential to excelling in any profession.

The Logo

The three curves in the Logo deliver three effects - namely an emotional, intelligent, and social response. We believe targeting these three aspects of human behavior will create a lasting effect.

Taking Womans Golf to new heights

PinkStig has passionately created platforms for dialogue, collaboration and participation to appease the growing interest of corporate investment into women’s golf.

At our forefront strategy, we intend to make the game more accessible to young women who show natural talent and demonstrate their appetite to be champions. The “adopt a pro” programme, currently in its infancy stage, is designed by Unimedia to support players financially, professionally and to develop and groom their talent further whilst providing opportunities to compete.