Images from Steyn City Country Club

Unimedia pledge R30 000 to the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day which is driven by Carolyn Steyn. UniMedia through the pledge secured playing golf with Brandon Stone and the PinkStig Lady Professionals at Steyn City Country Club hosted by Carolyn Steyn

UniMedia was invited by Steyn City host Carolyn Steyn to play in the 67 blankets for Mandela Golf Day 2017.

The morning started with Carolyn personally receiving Dhiren Mehta co founder of UniMedia and introducing him to some of her close friends and supporters of the project. She had just landed at OR Tambo coming from England and came straight to the event to receive and entertain her friends. It is evident that she takes great pride in taking care of her guests and the impression she leaves after the parting is simply high spirited and impeccable taste of class.

With all that said, I cannot forget her morning conversation with Dhiren earlier the morning in which she highlighted while giggling that she met with HRH the Duke of Edinburgh at St James's Palace just the evening before and after all her rehearsal she forgot to bow before HRH. She then kept showing Dhiren how she had rehearsed and could not forgive herself. It was a cause for loud laughter. At the end of the evening Dhiren Mehta pledged R30 000 towards the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day and a chance for the PinkStig Pro's to play a round of golf with Brandon Stone.

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