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Amateur Players

Crystal Cooper

Crystal Cooper born in 1994, one of South Africa’s most exciting amateur golfer’s plays out of Wingate Park Country Club. Crystal makes no secret of her ambition, which is to turn pro when the opportunity affords her to do so. She is a favourite amongst those who have coached her and played at many of the amateur provincial and Sunshine Ladies Tour events.

In 2016 she played as an amateur at the Sunshine Ladies Tour Tshwane Open 2016, the Sunshine Ladies Tour Joburg Open 2016 and ended in 10th and 13th position respectively. When Crystal was asked about her recent successes on the Ladies Tour, she attributed it to a sound and regimental coaching and training programme set by her coaches and more so the support she receives from her family.

She added that the junior amateur tournament structures in South Africa allows the player to compete on various courses with conditions affected by the different climates and height above sea level. “One of the key ingredients for any golfer is to have the ability to play courses on the coasts of South Africa and in land. The ball moves differently and that impacts on the type of shot you will play and the swing one uses to manage your way around the course. I reckon this is one of the best country’s to learn and develop a strong and reliable game”

Crystal Cooper is not just an amateur hitting balls, but plays with a good sense of the game and will prove to be quite a challenge at the PinkStig Invitational taking place at the Lost City Golf Course, Sun City.

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PinkStig Cubs

Zimkhitha Ndube

One of the PinkStig cub’s ‘Zimkhitha Ndube’ has been privileged to play at the Little Pace Challenge earlier this year and will feature at the PinkStig Invitational as one of the PinkStig Cubs. She has already met her legend Sally Little and super star Lee-Anne Pace. Her dad recalls some of the defining moments at that event in August at Pearl Valley Golf Club.

” I met Sally little, Dhiren Mehta and the UniMedia team, the night before, within 5 minutes of engaging with them some unexplained energy filled me and that driving force experienced convinced me to drop all and join the journey at Pearl Valley. This positive energy even had me encouraging my daughter to engage on one of the things I do not support, having my daughter bunk school in favour of experiencing the day with the legend in SA women’s professional golf.

Throughout the day, my daughter had the biggest smile, because she was the centre of attraction in a game that she loves most, as much as she might not fully know and place everyone that attended the event, she really walked tall on the day, and she was filled with energy and happiness that light up my day. She really had Christmas in August, because she got a chance of watching and playing alongside Sally the Legend, Lee-Anne the number 1 women golfer in SA, the professional women golfers, and SA celebrities.

When we got home late she never stopped talking to her mother and sisters regarding her “AWESOME” experience as she described the day, and the following day she was early and looking forward to going to school, because she had a story to tell. She is now on my case to honour my commitments going forward for her to earn her 10 000 hrs (as found by Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Outliers The story of Success) through practicing and playing golf twice a week.

The path that Dhiren Mehta is travelling with his wife and team, that of wanting to positively influence and/or impact other people’s lives, is better explained by the Chinese proverb, “If you want happiness for a lifetime ? Help someone else.” And that is the journey that resonates with me, that I wish to continue on in my little corner for years to come.

Zimkhitha and I say thank-you to UniMedia Pro, for giving us the opportunity to be part of a journey filled with true energy, and for bringing to life this journey of women in golf to both a father and his daughter that were on their own trying to find and understand the journey of professional women in golf.

No doubt the PinkStig Invitational and the addition of the PinkStig Cubs will reap great reward and interest from mothers and fathers of daughters who dream of becoming the next champion in women’s golf.

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